Live-Hosted Trivia Nights, Wherever You Want Them*

Whether you are looking to prove to your Aunt Debra on the other side of the country that you’re the true trivia master in the family, throwing a fundraiser for your amazing charity at a local pub, looking to put on the ultimate team-builder for your employees or anything in-between, PadPlay has the perfect, custom-made, fun filled evening of games for you. Brain Brawl, our flagship game, is a 5 Round Pub-Trivia experience that can be played online or in-person. Our Quizmaster will work with you to put together an unforgettable night of interactive trivia, games, laughs, and good-natured smack talk between teams no matter the group size, age, or location.

Quizmaster Brendan is based in Southern California and has hosted over 100 trivia games, fundraisers, corporate events and more. He prides himself on being flexible to fit each games needs and bringing the same energy, fun, and handsome red-bearded smile to a trivia game with 3 players that he does with 300. Want to chat? Event bookings, rates, testimonials, questions, and friendly conversations can be requested at PadPlayGames@gmail.com

*Except the tub. Please do not play trivia in the tub.